Sunday, 26 May 2013

Upgraded Samil 5200 Firmware to v1.20

I finally had a weekend with a few daylight hours to myself, so following an assurance by another Samil customer, that the Samil software update provided would take me to a later version than the 1.10 my (replacement) inverter was at, I followed the nice clear update instructions Samil had sent and had an error-free upgrade to version 1.20

I used my stand-alone LAN with just a Netbook – a switch – the Samil
I had to hardcode the Samil IP as it still would not acquire an DHCP address from the switch, but using DHCP (from the switch) for the netbook which set itself to and hard-coding the Samil to got the job done.

Initially I was a little concerned after the repowering the unit following the complete shutdown (post upgrade).
As the unit was going through its checking countdown it repeatedly got to step 53, jumped to step 40 and appeared to restart.
It did this about four, times before proceeding through the  rest of the checks and came on-line.
It has now been running and talking to the Solar Power Browser on the Netbook for over two hours.

If the software logging appears to work as expected over the next week or two, I may try to set up the VI-Plant option again, although I notice there is still quite a lot of missing data (in VI-Plant records) where nothing is recorded, so that doesn’t inspire a great deal of confidence! 

If I do decide to re-try VI-Plant, I still need to work out how I delete the old inverter from my VI-Plant account (S/N SW5128K485)!

In the last email to from Samil (22 April), it was mentioned that ...
...the R&D is working on the wifi dropping off randomly issue right now.
I am waiting for an update on that.

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