Monday, 15 July 2013

Citrix Session and Server Details

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Obtaining Details of Citrix Sessions and Servers That Clients Are Using

From the server side it's really easy to get details of which clients have sessions with which Citrix servers, simply using the Citrix Admin console, but if you want to identify all Citrix sessions in operation from a given client PC and which Citrix servers those session are connected to, it less than simple.

Using the (free) Microsoft Technet Sysinternals® tcpvcon.exe from Mark Russinovich I can return the IP address of  all attached Citrix servers (which I can later resolve to server names if I choose.)

The command is:
tcpvcon.exe -c -n | find "wfica32"

which returns strings like these ...

... for each connected Citrix server

The various fields being:
Protocol, executable, PID, connection-state, local-IP, remote-IP
with local-IP being the client IP address where tcpvcon is running and remote-IP being the Citrix server(s)
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Automate Sysinternals® EULA

To automate Sysinternals tcpvcon so it does NOT challenge for the EULA
(or to reset it so it DOES challenge for testing or whatever other reason)
Apply the following registry tweak:

REG ADD HKCU\Software\Sysinternals\TCPView /v EulaAccepted /t REG_DWORD /d 00000001 /f

1 = Accepted (do not re-challenge this user account)
0 = Challenge for acceptance on first use by this user account

I needed this because I was using TCPVCON to collect the details of which Citrix Servers my clients were connected to, with zero client intervention.

  1. I was unable to make the suggested /eula switch suppress the EULA  for tcpvcon so had to resort to this scripted registry tweak
  2. Be aware this is the Current User key so needs to be applied in the user context - applying under a machine GPO does not work.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

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SAMIL® Solar Production Graph

Jan~Jul 2013

Latitude: 27° - Azimuth: 324° - Tilt: 12.5°


 Estimated (using PVWatts® calculator)