Thursday, 11 July 2013

New Version of SAMIL SolarPower Browser™ (v3.1.0.0)

Last version I used was v2.9.2.6
v3.1.0.0 is now available on the SAMIL support site in zip format

I've downloaded it so I'll post my findings after I've installed it and run it up.
Anyone else used this newer version yet?

About 20mins later ... (19:55)
Software v3.1 is installed and operational.
First up it wouldn't find the inverter so I rebooted the inverter 
by going into Network Settings and selecting the Ethernet option  and OK'ing out.
I'm now sitting here watching the inverter appear and disappear in the SolarPower Browser
as it reboots itself multiple times ... we are up to the fourth appearance ...
five ...
six ...
seven ...
eight ...
... no new events in the history, just rebooting over and over...
nine ...
ten ...
... software seems a little different in content but nothing useful in terms of controlling the networking
eleven ...
twelve ...
 (20:10) I'll come back later and see if it's still rebooting ...
... constantly restarting can't be good for it  ...

Now 22:53 and still rebooting itself every few minutes! 
I've physically disconnected it from the network , though I've never found a way to remove
the WIFI settings once they've been successfully entered!
Short of disconnecting it from the mains I can see no way of stopping it from
continually restarting ... hopefully it will come good when the solar is applied tomorrow!!

For the money it cost, I really am very unimpressed with the firmware in this thing!
If you didn't want to monitor and manage it ... i.e. just let it sit on the wall and generate, 
it would be fine, but one of the reasons I bought this brand 
was because of its supposed manageability.


Col. Sanders said...

The trial of SolarPower Browser v3.1.0.0 did not go well for my installation

Tony A said...

Gidday Col

Update about the update v
Samil have pulled the new version of the Solar Power Browser from there website???.

WiFi is still unreliable it dropped of the Browser after about a week.
My trick to get it working again has been to go out to the inverter and switch it between Auto to manual ip and back again.Why I have to do this once or twice a month is very annoying

The Browser doesn't automatically connect to the inverter anymore from start up (little annoying)


Anonymous said...

Definitely install the firmware version 1.3. 10 days have passed since upgrading and my 5200TL-D has not dropped out once.

Col. Sanders said...

Tony. Thanks for your feedback ... it's comforting to know it's not just my setup!

Thanks for the feedback on the firmware, I'll probably give that a go next weekend then.

Tony A said...

Gidday Col

Do you have a copy of the 1.3 Firmware upgrade for my annoying Samil inverter

Col. Sanders said...
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Col. Sanders said...

Hey Tony
Sorry I missed your comment submission on the 13th ... got lost in all my emails! Did you get a copy of FWare v 1.3 or do you still need one?
I take it you saw John's comment just before yours regarding the stability of firmware v1.3?
I haven't had time to upgrade ours to that FW version yet so can't provide you any personal feedback yet.
Feel free to correspond via email if you want more direct communication Tony