Sunday, 20 April 2014

How to Display HTML code on a Blogger blog post

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The seemingly simple task of showing someone a string of HTML or JavaScript code to use on their blog/web site can be a challenge because the blog compiler interprets the string to be displayed on the page as something it should process and turn into a web function.

One way around this is to enclose the code in a <textarea> 

To do this in Blogger, switch to the HTML view of your post and find where you want to display the code snippet.
insert a <textarea cols="70" rows="1"> tag followed by your code string and completed by the </textarea> tag so your post looks like this ...

Another way is to replace all actual < and > characters with their ASCII code equivalents &#60 ; and &#62 ; or &lt ; and &gt ; so your post looks like this ...

Saturday, 19 April 2014

How to add Follow Me On Twitter to a Blogger blog

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I know I'm a slow adopter of these things and many of you may snigger that I'm only just getting round to some of this stuff, but for those of you who haven't done it yet ... these are the exact steps to adding a Follow Me On Twitter link to your Blogger blogs.

On your Blogger Dashboard,  select the Blog you want to modify
then select Layout and choose where you want to place the button

I chose to add mine at the right by selecting Add a Gadget in that area

From the Basics section in the resulting dialog, choose  HTML/JavaScript gadget
In the Configure HTML/JavaScript dialog, provide a Title and paste the following code into the Content box, changing the "automation_man" text to the name of your twitter stream.

Code to copy and paste

 Save and this will take you back to the layout where you can Preview / Save arrangement and its done !