Sunday, 7 August 2011

I like Todo Backup free home version so much ...

I like the free Todo Backup product so much that I will gladly make a contribution for each copy that I use.
Is there some way I could make a donation for each copy I choose to use on my home pc’s?

The old-fashioned idea of being able to fully trial for an unlimited period, then being able to buy single-version copies outright, without having to “subscribe” or “renew” or “regularly upgrade”, suits my needs perfectly.
Your product, however, is so good that I would gladly pay a token amount per copy to support the continued free-access home-use policy.

I have two small usability improvement suggestions to offer.
On the Backup tab In the Backup Management dialog where it shows all tasks/plans, it would be great to see the last-run and/or next scheduled time for each task/plan.
I would find this more useful than the Created Time field, currently shown.

Another little bit of feedback was when I started using the product, in that same summary dialog it has the Status column.
To me, “Started” means the backup task is actually performing a backup, though I quickly realised it meant the task was loaded and waiting for the next execution.
Maybe a status of “Scheduled” would be more descriptive?
(e.g. Status’ could be .... Started(or Running); Scheduled(or Pending);Paused)

Thanks for a great product.
Keep up the great work and please keep a “free” (or very cheap) version for other small users like myself – with the option to donate

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Col. Sanders said...

Now March 2012 and I STILL like TODO backup software, its intuitive and it just works