Sunday, 25 March 2012

Another Telstra ripoff, but where else can you get the coverage!

We routinely manage our girls mobile phone usage by allowing them a prepaid limit each month.
We bought our eldest girl one of the recent Catch-Of-The-Day LQ smartphones with the intent of her using the web (data) facilities only through Wifi.
On inserting the prepaid SIM and before we figured out how to turn off 3G-data, by simply loading a single Welcome-to-service website, this used 560kb data, *** BARELY HALF A MEGABYTE *** ... but for that luxury - Telstra ripped us off $12.32!
That is INSANE daylight robbery!
I can get an entire 1GB data block for $15 or almost 5GB from my landline ISP for $12!

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