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Orange Oil Cleaners work as well or BETTER than many other commercial cleaners

UPDATE Jan 2017
I STILL swear by this genuine orange-oil cleaning product and even more so as I've used it.
It even rescued me from having to get a plumber to free a blocked kitchen sink drain by using a 5:1 concentration of the oil repeatedly flushed down the drain. It released this massive big "gloop" of sludge that had formed at one of the drain bends.
Written Dec 2014
We have discovered that the genuine orange-oil cleaning products (as opposed to those which look and/or smell like citrus!) work better at de-greasing and removing oils and scum, than many "specialised" cleaners.
The problem is that most stores do not sell genuine orange-oil based cleaners.
Occasionally Aldi™ has the 500ml PowerForce™ Orange-Oil Cleaner spray-bottles.
More normally they just have the 750ml PowerForce™ Citrus cleaner, which, while still being a good cleaner, simply does not have the cutting power of the other product.

So after a bit of web research I found you can buy at-least two Australian Citrus-extract concentrates, one which is an ... "...anionic cleaner, powered by advances in surfactant technology and complemented by natural orange oil"
I have yet to determine what complimented by actually means in terms of percentile strength, but assuming that use of this product at the specified dilution rates will yield the same results as the Aldi™ products, below were my findings:

I have not verified these prices but lets assume that;
The 750ml Light Duty (LD) Citrus cleaner is $3.50 per 750ml
The 500ml Heavy Duty (HD) Orange Oil Cleaner is $4.50 per 500ml

From their website, the concentrate comes in 5 litre; 10 litre; and 20 litre containers at  $176.30; $266.80 and $477.50 respectively.
This breaks down to $35.26; $26.68 and $23.88 per litre respectively so it's obviously much cheaper the more you buy

Going by their suggested dilution rates;
General Cleaning
Dilute between 1:30 and 1:100 parts water, depending on soiling.
Floors, Sinks, Toilets, Showers
Dilute to 1:30 parts water,
Degreasing Floors
Dilute to 1:10 parts water
Other Degreasing
Dilute at 1:5 parts water

For the equivalent of the LD Aldi™ cleaners, this works out at as follows if you buy the most expensive 5 litre concentrate:
At 1:30 dilution for LD cleaning, 5 liters x30 makes 150 litres. Divided by the 750ml per bottle gives the equivalent of 200 bottles and if they are $3.50 each that's $700 worth ... as opposed to the 5 litre concentrate at $176
a saving of $524 !

Even at the heaviest 1:5 dilution for HD cleaning, 5 litres x5 makes 25 litres. Divided by 500ml per bottle gives the equivalent of 50 bottles of the HD Orange Oil Cleaner which at $4.50 a bottle, would have cost $225 ...  as opposed to the 5 litre concentrate at $176
even here there is a $49 saving.

Do the same sums for the 10 litre price and you find the savings are;
$1,312.50 vs $266.80 for the LD cleaning

a massive saving of $1,045 !

It should be noted that you wind up with the equivalent of 300 bottles of cleaner !... that's a good 8+ years supply for us!

$450 vs $266.80 for the HD cleaning
even here there is a worthwhile $183 saving.

 The other product I'm also investigating with the manufacturer, appears to have similar properties but for only $80 for 5 litres ... vs the $176

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