Sunday, 5 September 2010

Water Fights can be EXPENSIVE!

15 Feb 2010 - our 16yr old has a party at our place and invites a group of friends.
Part of the activity is an organized water-fight.
At 52, Dad(me) decides to stay out of the fight and man the filling of the water stations from the tank.
The inevitable happens when it is noticed that Mr S is NOT wet!
Standing filling a water station, I did not see the attack approaching from behind.
The first I knew was when a full 20litre plastic pail of water hits me side-on mid-shin as the attacker slips, loosing hold of the full pail and throwing it against my leg as he runs toward me, instead of throwing the water over me.
After the initial shock and pain, I continue to fill the water-station but suddenly realize my leg is swelling visibly and rapidly before my eyes.
I hobble inside and call for assistance in the form of R.I.C.E. (Rest Ice Compression Elevation)
Fast-forward through x-rays, an ensuing infection resulting in copious antibiotics and a venous ulcer, which at its peak was about 150mm long by 50mm wide, many visits to the GP as well as visits to a plastic surgeon and several months under a general surgeon.
Now ... over 7 months later ... the leg no longer bleeds and apart from a cavity in the tissue where the ulcer was, is mostly recovered.
I just totaled up all the Dr, Specialist and Chemist bills relating to this "little incident" ....
$2,008.13 which after refunds still comes in at the grand sum of $1,474.53 so 
BE WARNED! water fights can be expensive, painful and horribly inconvenient ... but then ...most things in life come with a degree of risk

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