Sunday, 5 September 2010

Windows Junk Files Phone Scam

Earlier today I get this "Private Caller" phone call on our land-line phone. The caller starts in with this ethnic dialog spiel ...
Caller: "Hello, May I speak with Mr Sander please"
Me: "Mr Sanders speaking"
Caller: Mr Sander, I am calling about your computer problem. Are you at your computer?
Me: "No! Who is this?"
Caller: "I am from Global Computer Repairs, we are going to help you clean up the junk files on your computer, can you go to your computer and turn it on please."
Me: "I don't think so!" "Who gave you my number and where are you calling from?"
Caller: "Please go to your computer so I can help you with the problem"
Me: "EXCUSE ME! I did NOT request your help and you are intruding on my privacy! I am a computer tech and take care of my..." CLICK! (caller hangs up)

What really scares me is that people are resorting to cold-calling to social-engineer folk into allowing them access to their systems in blatant person-to-person conversation! 
How many less techno-literate people will have been suckered into this scam before it gets taken down?
- Automation_man

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