Saturday, 1 June 2013

Successful SAMIL v1.20 firmware upgrade

Well a week on from the upgrade of the SAMIL 5200TL-D to firmware version 1.20 and so-far so good!

Despite the ASUS netbook, which I've been using to monitor the generator, going into standby on a regular basis, every time I have woken it up, exited and restarted the SolarPower Browser, within a few seconds the SAMIL has re-established communication (via the cabled LAN connection).
That's a first for my installation!

This week's test will be to connect the SAMIL back to my 24x7 server on my home LAN (still via cable) with the SolarPower Browser running 24x7 and see how that goes.
Caveat here is that Samil have warned that the SolarPower Browser software is not very stable, but that aside, I want to see if the Inverter will at-least consistently re-connect when it's asked to.
(as it has been doing all this week)

My plan is, that if that works I will attempt to set up the Samil VI-Plant cloud-based monitoring connection again, as the Samil staff have kindly offered to clear out the details of my first inverter ... though that has yet to actually happen.

Once the Wifi firmware fix is released, I'll attempt to go back to using a Wifi connection.

I'd still appreciate hearing from any other SAMIL users out there who have found this site useful.
It's been quite remarkable to me, the level of site visits this series of blog entries has generated!


Chris Cowap said...

Weve had issues with the 4000TL-D firmware.
Where did you source it from as i cant see it anywhere on the website.

Col. Sanders said...

Hi Chris thanks for dropping by.

First, I got the firmware update by contacting Samil at where I came in contact with MikeZhang who has been quite consistent in remaining in contact and helping both myself and another 5200 owner upgrade our units.
Mike actually emailed us the correct .rar file and instructions to perform the update.

Second, no it's far from resolved!
The patch seems to have fixed the invalid logging where it randomly either recorded nothing or carried the previous days total forward, but networking continues to drop out and will not acquire an IP address via DHCP via cable.

The Wifi connectivity issues remain, pending imminent release of another patch to fix that ....

Because of the network dropouts I've not been able to successfully get the VI-Plant monitoring to connect and because they also swapped our first unit, I'm stuck with invalid details in my VI-Plant account!

All rather frustrating when one of the reasons I went with Samil was because of the touted integrated monitoring capabilities.

Let me know how you go contacting Samil. If you read from the first post in this series, ( you will see it took them a while to respond initially.

Regards - Col

Col. Sanders said...

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