Saturday, 30 January 2016

Tweaking SNR for Billion 7800NXL router

I really like the Billion 7800 NXL I recently upgraded to at the home end of a very long and soggy wet piece of Telstra string which they provide under the guise of and ADSL 2+ connection !

On good days I can get almost 2.5Mbits streaming ... wooo-hoo!

On one exceptional occassion I managed 3.5Mbits for almost two days before the connection went pear-shaped again !

The recently (Jan16) installed NBN FTTN box is literally JUST around the corner ... oh pleeeeease! 

Setting the SNR

AFTER much experimental tweaking of the SNR setting to get the best balance btween speed and stability, the sweet spot for me seems to be an SNR of 3.5 or 3.4 which gets me as close as possible to the Attainable Rate (Kbps) ... anything less than that and the RS Uncorrectable Errors start to go through the roof and the real data throughput falls away badly.

SNR tweaking via URL

I found the following reference useful to copy and paste into the url rather than having to browse and enter through the UI, or when it won't let you put less than 1 in via the UI.
(obviously you use the correct IP address for your router)

6 –
5 –
4 –
3 –
2 –
1 –
==== following can only be entered via URL not the UI =====
0.5 -
0.3 -
0.1 -

Other router url's I've found useful include: - inbound WAN traffic being pulled down - the SNR tweaking UI page - as shown below - 3/4G USB dongle stats, including signal strength - the routers DHCP lease table - the routers ARP table - the routers Wake On LAN page 

My typical stats shown here for others reference

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Adam said...

For a long time (years) I've only been able to get about 4MBps ADSL at home. I recently paid an electrician to replace the telephone wiring in the house with quality (Cat6) cabling.. This cost about $300 and immediately after the replacement I was able to sync at 10.5Mbps. It was a surprising result given that at soon as it leaves the house it goes back to the dodgy old Telstra copper cabling, but obviously the phone cabling in the house was causing a serious degradation in the line quality.