Saturday, 30 January 2016

Working with the Billion 7800 NXL router

A collection of information I've gathered while trying to eak the maximum speed-vs-reliability out of our ADSL connection

I settled on the Billion 7800 series after trying a variety of routers over a long period, as they seem to be the best performer on our 4plus km Telstra soggy-string "ADSL 2plus" connection

Why do modems so rarely sync back UPwards ?
7800(n) series SNR Tweak Values
ADSL2+ Sync Speeds
Tweaking Billion ADSL Mode sync settings
ADSL Theory
How to interpret your adsl Line Stats
Find your ADSL sync speeds
SNR Margins
Billion 7800NXL 

Is it possible to vpn to my 7800n router from my laptop and use the wol function to wake one of my machines on my lan to access some files?

login to router over the internet
Setting up a VPN on a 7800N 
DSL speed vs distance calculator This ADSL theoretical speed calculator seems fairly accurate for our situation as attenuation changes

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