Sunday, 13 March 2016

Choose Highlighter Colour to Mark-up PDF Documents with Acrobat Reader

I open my Power and Phone PDF e-bills with Acrobat Reader DC (version at time of post is  2015.010.20060) and I like to highlight certain text and values then add a colored-text annotation to each one.

One of the annoyances I have put up with until today has been not knowing how to simply access the color picker for the highlighter tool before creating a highlight.

Once you've highlighted something you can then choose the properties and change the color for that highlight but that's tedious.
What I want to do is simply open the "Highlighter Tool Properties" tool bar, choose my color then highlight something.
... is there a menu option for that? Who knows ... I've not found it!
Luckily though, there IS an accelerator-key option - Ctrl+E

Now ... how about the "Add Text Comment" tools bar.
As soon as you choose Comment - Add Text Comment and click on the document to start adding text, the required tool control appears and you can select the text color, font, size etc.
Currently, when I want to edit an existing Text Comment I click on the border of the Text Comment container and that brings the Add Text Comment tool bar active.
Alternatively, re-selecting the Add Text Comment tool from the tool bar will also re-activate the control.
While that is fairly "usable", it would be nice if there was a way of activating the tool control while actually editing the text!
i.e. by an accelerator-key or right-click context-menu option.
If any knows of  a way please do comment.  


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