Monday, 4 July 2016

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Summarising the difference between Docker, Boot2Docker and Vagrant

Short answer: 

Vagrant abstracts the machine where as Docker abstracts the application.

Vagrant is a virtual machine manager, it allows you to script the virtual machine configuration as well as the provisioning

Docker on the other hand uses kernel cgroup and namespacing via lxc. 
It means that you are using the same kernel as the host and the same file system 

The reason you could want to use Vagrant is if you need an operating environment which differs from that of your Virtualisation host.
e.g. You might want BSD, Windows or other non-linux development on your Ubuntu box


This Quora article explains it all quite well:



Docker doesn't provision machines, it wraps your application in a lightweight portable runtime which can be dropped anywhere. 
What runtime you choose for your application has nothing to do with how you provision your machines!
Conversely, you may use Vagrant to provision machines which have nothing to do with developing your application - for example a ready-to-use Windows box or something

From the author of Docker:
From the author of Vagrant:

Running Java inside a Windows container on a Windows server


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