Thursday, 7 July 2016

The Solar Saga Continues - An Update

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Back in early 2014 after the vendor and I got jack of the all the hassles with multiple SAMIL inverters, they managed to convince SAMIL that the unit design was flawed and we wanted it ripped out.

The vendor then kindly replaced the SAMIL with an ABB (aka Power One) AURORA inverter to which I added an RS485-to-IP interface, loaded their Aurora Comunicator v2.10.1 PC software and we've been reaping the benefits ever since, with excellent logging and a good UI
 So all has gone wonderfully well since then ... till recently ... when all of a sudden the inverter started to fail with what transpires to be a well known error code of E031

It transpires that after a few years in the field, a particular component has failed in many of these units and they are replaced under their 5yr warranty with little issue.

The only difficulty for me was that my original vendor has gone out of business!

See this page

After some Googling I found the above page and contacted MC Electrical here in Brisbane and they handled the warranty submission, acquisition and installation of a manufacturer-refurbished unit all very fuss-free and professionally, for nothing more than their standard call out rate. 
Hopefully this one will last longer!
They are manufactured by one of the biggest power and energy equipment suppliers in the world so you'd hope this was just one of those post-manufacture flaws which did not get picked up under stress-testing at the design stage.

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