Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Wine Tasting off the back of a mail survey

Not exactly "Technology" related , but we just had an in-home wine tasting promoted by Peiroth™ wines.

Many months ago I filled out a snail-mail survey on home wine usage then forgot all about it.

Out-of-the-blue I got a phone call from 07 3182 3713 from a salesperson for Peiroth™ Wines ... say who?
Oh-yes!  That wine survey I filled out! The in-home tasting ... yeah, sure, why not.

A very personable salesperson fronts up and we go through quite number of wines, I didn't count but probably about a dozen, four of which I really liked ... a lot :-)

At the end of the night though with te wines ranging from about $26~$31 bottle and minimum case lots, it just wasn't in my normal "wine budget" ... though I was tempted!

If you do buy a case you automatically get their Wine club membership which is purchase-by-request only, not auto-ship every month.

Additionally all their wine comes with a three year warranty including if you decide you don't like that wine any more ... they will refund or exchange. 

And 'yes' they give you a free gift for filling out their 'survey' ... we opted for the cheese board over the coffee mugs.

Overall not a bad experience.

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(07) 3182 3712
07 3182 3712


(07) 3182 3713
07 3182 3713 

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