Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Latest update on TRYING to Network our
SAMIL River 5200TL-D Solar Inverter

Firmware versions

  In response to my Question to Samil ...

Can you please clarify/verify the firmware versioning, as it appears our new inverter has a later version(v1.10) than what is contained in the RAR file you sent me(v1.2)
(The original inverter was v1.02)

As an aside, the new inverter (running firmware v1.10) continues to mis-record values on a sporadic basis just like the first unit;

One sunny day (about the same amount of sun as those either side of it) the inverter decided to record 0.04KW for the day!
On three occasions now, it appears to have not reset the previous days total and continued to accrue the subsequent day’s generation to effectively have double the normal value on the second day!

I haven’t even bothered to try and re-connect it via WiFi/LAN to log the data as it will not stay connected to the network long enough to be worth my time!
Regards Colin

The Samil response was ...
 Hi Colin,
The v1.2 is the latest firmware version which fix the power record issue.

I admit that the R&D is working on the wifi dropping off randomly issue right now.
The temporary solution I recommend to J is to monitoring his system via the VIplant, which is a more stable firmware.

My reply was of-course ...
Thanks M
I may have a go at the firmware update this weekend then.
I must reiterate that there is ABSOLUTELY NO POINT TRYING TO USE VI-Plant because THE INVERTER WILL NOT STAY CONNECTED TO THE NETWORK let alone communicate with ANY monitoring solution!
It physically stops communicating until you reboot it 
Regards Colin

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